Launched in February 2012, I took on a role as a senior producer/project lead and led a team of seasoned designer and developer in creating the agency’s first social game. The project spans across a working timeline of 24 months in the art, content and engine development for the game.

I participated in the design process from managing the user experience, user interface and programming for the game while liaising with different partners including publisher, sound designer and external developers for advices and meetings.

Towards the launch of the game, besides from planning for marketing ideas involving social media channels, I had also created a teaser video for the game to generate buzz and understanding towards the game.

This would definitely be the biggest project that I had ever taken to date, detailing from the start towards the completion and foreseeing the launch of the product itself.



IAH Games Pte Ltd (SG)


Yolk Pte Ltd (SG)


Social game


Producer, Creative Direction, Project Management, Interactive Direction, Flash Development, Website Development