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[Rant] Echoing the thoughts of a giant’s decline

In response to: Is the iPad Mini the Beginning of Apple’s Decline?, I think there are things that I should give prop to Apple for the new device such as:

  • New improved screen (not the extra height)
  • It’s light in weight
  • The new processor is really a great welcome addition

After using the new iPhone 5 for a considerable amount of time, the phone is better off without:

  • The new resolution 1136×640
  • Siri
  • The “new” Maps

and a lot of other new feature that could be passed.

The new resolution
As an app developer, it makes me really wonder the pain to jump into the wagon of a “new resolution” for the app that I’m creating, and also be guilty of the screen size fragmentation. Would the app behave better with the additional screen resolution? Not really, as I noticed a lot of “most used” app has yet to bother update their app to fit on the new screen resolution, which makes 70% of my time, makes the new screen resolution redundant.

With all the hype surrounding the feature, it is still far from being a practical daily usable tool for the consumers. An extreme scenario: You’re running away for your life from a life-threatening situation and taking up your trusty iPhone and launch up Siri, you’re breathing heavily while trying to think of a “keyword” to find the item/location with the help of Siri, and it doesn’t work most of time due to the incorrect voice interpretation. And you would do better by typing on the search bar and asking uncle Google.

Now, if you ask me, it is still make perfect sense to launch the new iPhone without:

  • the new Maps
  • Siri
  • the 1136×640
And it still knocks perfect sense into people to buy the phone (with just an improved processor and build). Because “it just works…until Apple introduce a phone-breaking feature that frustrates people to doom.”

Disclaimer: The thoughts above are solely my personal opinion and doesn’t represent any third party that I’m associated with.

[Rant] Are we screwed by technology?

Or is it…? I heard a lot of complaint from my surroundings where people are so obsessed in the mobile-centric time. Some people call it the “Mobile-Panic-Syndrome”, where one have to pretend there is a new mail or message arrives into their inbox and keeps checking his/her phone every 3 seconds (even if there isn’t any). Even when a group of friend are sitting at a table for a drink, even if they are not talking verbally, I observed they are actually communicating…via their mobile devices…on the internet (checking in, tweeting, liking).

Some say it is the end of the world when people care less about each other because they communicate lesser verbally…But is that a bad thing? And what would than mean to us? Culturally…in the next 10 or 20 years?

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[Thought] What if…

Short version

…we leave our phone at home intentionally for a day?

Long version

I figured compared to almost half a decade ago, our daily lives in the city are preoccupied with phones, apps, advertisements, SMSes from morning to night. Could one person be more productive by removing these distraction?

Time flies

I’m surely lost track of what has been happening around me with so many things for me to keep track within these few month. The saddest thing? It’s the end of this year, 2010 which marked a lot of tragedy in news, perhaps the decade. And it also made me realized that I have been living for more than 2 decade, “invisible” burden that has been building up on me, which makes me wonder what it would really feel like being a 30 years old or a 50 years old person. I miss being a kid.

Sure one would argue that having a property or car or money at your disposal at this point of time is the utmost important thing in life, however I can’t shake the fact that I can survive on merely 10 Ringgit for a week when I’m young. I just have no idea on what kind of pressure that one-man would need to endure in taking up mortage, loan that literally holds that person down to 30 years, unless they are exceptionally stable financially, which you can make a one-off payment to big-sum-items like house. I guess that is probably the part of living, and getting old. No more that you will hear people around you talking about things you used to like during childhood, except marriage, wealth and having children. It’s pretty interesting to always step back and have a look at the path you’re walking down the road.

I surely do enjoy this few month with several interesting thing happened to me. Starting with a weekend picnic at Marina Barrage.

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[Rant] Is cursing the new hello?

There has been some buzz on these site that I noticed a while back, that upon one site sprung from nowhere, and then when became a meme, it quickly become old. But I had no idea what is the merit in fancying of using curse word for a creative project. Perhaps it would be really fresh for the first time, but the novelty of the idea quickly wears off.

Below are some of the site that I spotted sharing the same idea using the F word.