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[Travel] Broga Hill


Welcome and I’m glad that I finally had some time to put most of my precious moments at Broga Hill on this post. It’s been almost a week since the event took place. I’d still have a bunch of picture on the journey yet to be edited, which talks about the entire journey in the morning at 5 A.M. to the place itself.

While I’ll be coming back to this post on more pics, I’ll have some posted that is off my memory and what I can remember to better equip yourself before going there. Personally, I felt the best route and most memorable way to go there is through the SILK (SKVE) Highway through the LDP highway.


I’d hope the map would be sufficient and clear enough to get you there without much trouble, since there’s actually only 3 toll to go through, the LDP’s 2 R.M. 1.60 and another SILK (SKVE) toll. I own no rights to the pictures inside the map, so if you feel it’s helpful, share it with your friend 🙂 Few of the pointers below to avoid running into the wrong way :

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