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[Inspiration] Responsive sites

There has always been a hard decision to make in between choosing Adaptive Web Design vs. Responsive Web Design. The latter would require much extensive planning and normally isn’t a smooth sailing experience where file size is concerned. It was few weeks ago I stumbled across a discussion on HN where the design decisions are questioned, especially with a “Feedback” tab lying on the homepage of a gigantic corporation wouldn’t look too…appropriate.


I never thought I would see a day where a big corporation to adapt to web standards as above. The novelty is all good until you see it is only applied on the homepage, not the rest of the entire network. I understand it would take a lot of time and effort, but it is definitely a step in the correct direction when next time one asks, “Which big corporation has responsive web design?” “Microsoft, Of course!”

It is interesting to see a microsite always adapts to the standard as well. Certainly not the best design on the web but it gets the job done. On a sidenote, it appears major carmakers in the United States are adapting their site for mobile users pretty rapidly.

The landscapes for the web has always been changing, how are you adapting to it? Did it disrupt your online business as a web designer/developer? Or are you hurt by the fact that you only need to charge for one project where the client demands a website that responds to different device? How do you cope with it?

[Inspiration] When videogame comes to life

There has been an explosion of fan made tributes videos for games within the last few months. Most of it are a live-action interpretation of the game itself. To my surprise, the quality of the short movies are almost as good as full commercial movies. Is it a digital revolution or technologies has became an easier reach to the consumers? Or the big boys has ran out of ideas on what to do?

Previously, I did a round up on how fan made Street Fighters videos are millions way better than Hollywood made ones and soon a lot of other live action games tribute came out. Below is a list of other fan made tributes that made its way to the internet, and boy… it is real good.

Skyrim: Dragon Hunt

Following the launch of the latest Bethesda’s latest blockbuster game from its Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim.

Portal: No Escape
Popular game from Valve, following the release of Portal 2. This video features great selection of casting, visual effects and sound design.

Escape from City 17
Perhaps it is never too late to share this tribute to Half Life 2. With a budget of $500, the Purchase Brothers released this video around the same timeframe the movie District 9, which gathered a lot of debate between the two, which of course the latter being a full feature film with a larger budget. And soon not too long (2 years) after that, the second part is released.

Minecraft: Zombie Attack

Following the boom of popularity in this game, Minecraft. You mine and you survive.

Gamer Commute

A tribute to the Grand Theft Auto series.

Cardboard Warfare 2

Following the over popularity of a FPS game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. You will be amazed by the large amount of crews participating in this movie (almost half an hour long!), and all the props are of course, made out of cardboard. Though you might think this is a child game, the production is definitely going to blow you away with the quality of cinematography and sound designs. It is as good as a film.

The Hunt

A tribute to the popular NES game, Duck Hunt.

Mortal Kombat Legacy
Though by no means this is not a fan made movies, but it does gives us some hint on the boom of popularity in short films that movie studios will produce to promote the games new releases and sustain loyal fanbase while attracting even more potential buyers. This short series does made fan’s dream came true by doing it some justice compared to its old featured film in the 90’s.

List of inspiring filmmakers that resides in YouTube:


[Inspiration] The Lion King Broadway Musical


Looking for something to do this holiday? Wanted to get inspired? I would strongly recommend you to pay a visit to this magical broadway show. It will only be available until 30th of October 2011. Opened in Singapore since March 2011, it has unknowingly attracted more than hundred thousands of people and I’m proud and happy to finally watch it.

It is my first time to watch a musical, and perhaps would be the best ever, The Lion King musical.


Though the price are pretty steep, but it is really every cent spent. This is because the amount of effort and details in designing the show is absolutely brilliant. It is an extreme understatement to even describe how great the show is. There is another great reason why you should watch it, touted as the last destination for their tour which will end by this month, it is actually started way back in 1997! That is such as amazing feat for them to design such show back in the days where there is no Facebook.


Inside the venue, it is pretty interesting to know that there is quite a lot of people despite the price of the tickets, from 65 to 200!


Instead of literally translates the original animated movie into the show, a lot of contemporary touches are added to the show, making you entirely immerse into the world of the Lion King. I will not reveal much detail of the show but you will definitely appreciate this project a lot more after watching it’s making-of video. Perhaps a legacy worth preserving for. The music and the story are just top notch.


Catch updates of the show from their facebook fan page. Definitely a strong recommendation.

[Travel] Singapore Biennale 2011 Open House

It was unplanned for, this trip, which initially I wanted to pay a visit to Singapore Art Museum (SAM) only to get inspired by this exhibition entitled, LIVE Singapore!

I was there last Saturday, and I’m inspired. Apart from that, I had no idea that there is this major art event going on in Singapore until May/June. It’s the Singapore Biennale 2011 Open House, compromising several venues, including SAM as one of it.

There’s so many things to catch up that you will be spending the entire day just for the event, and coming back for more, as there is a lot of short film premiere at SAM.

The event itself, which is featured on infosthetics, attracted me to pay a visit to this place, as I’m always fond with data visualisation.

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[Thoughts] Blatant rip-off or pure coincidence?

It has been a long time since I do not know when where I give some of my two cents in Flash sites. I have stumbled across this site in the morning and upon the first 10 seconds, deja-vu occurred to me.

Cup Size Choir

Apparently, I am pretty challenged to think why the decision was made by the Creative Director or Art Director to pitch the project with this idea. Was it coincidence? Or inspiration? You decide. However to think that a good idea will always lives on, it’s a true statement, because even until today, it will always reminded me of the site below, that whipped this up years ago.


Even today, the execution and idea are still one of the cheekiest and brilliant one. The site above originally posted back at myflashportal (That was 4 years ago!).