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[Work] CV Refresh 2012

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It has been a long overdue refresh and glad I did spend some time over the weekend to relook at my CV again. There’s so little yet so much since I have graduated, about 7 years ago. Up to a point I start to wonder if I really did enough to justify the time I spent on this career? The landscape has changed dramatically in terms of the demand for digital design over the last 5 years and has always been an uphill battle. If you have been working close to 5 years, what is your thought?

[Inspirations] When East Meets West


Drawing Art
I have just probably lost count on how much I’m in awed on this design agency. The fine details in every inch of pixel would definitely make you breathless while browsing through their archive of works. Vivid, lively, pop-ish is something I can describe them at the moment. A great marriage between design and interaction if you ask me. That is from Slovenia.


Here is an interactive designer from Japan, a mentor that I would definitely adore, despite the underwhelming portfolio site, you should wait until you look at his works, you’ll find no word to describe the awesomeness of the details. Comparably different from the western counterpart, I have never imagined that most of the DAMN inspiring sites from the past (since version 8 flash), the Studio 8 website that garnered lots of awards and awareness are done by him as well! That goes to the TBWA/Hakuhodo site as well!


And what makes so much of refreshing inspiration for me is the consistent good use of their ‘custom made scrollbar navigation’. Just look at the Dentsu mini-site that talks about recruitment process, the interaction is so subtle yet so fun!. By looking at the list of works he had done in the past, it seems he is a really versatile developer/designer that works across different agency as freelancer as well. Inspiring!


As I go through the amazing selection of works, I’m particularly stunned by this project, not due to how technically it is executed, but rather the simple idea that is translated into a commercial project, perhaps a difference in the culture that intepreting a language whenever they receive a creative brief. The idea was based on the campaign ‘Live Color’ which generally most of us would think of lively-colour that would represent the TV (Bravia). But in their context as Japanese, Live is occasionally associated with concerts and being real-time. Thus I am assuming that is how real time interaction between the user and the building occured. Amazing!



This time around it’s something unusual for me to do, especially when this requires a heck amount of copy pasting and tracing which I’ll be only doing back when I’m 18. Looking back, time has really passed since I graduated from my secondary school. And this time around I completed one work for this call for entries! 😀 MINIMALISM x MINI x MANMENG.

“Every single component and structure that formed MINI is shown through the entire artwork itself and what makes MINI, MINI. MINIMALISM for me, is not only a movement, it’s an expression, quality and identity.”

You can download the wallpaper here. Enjoy and do vote! 😀 In return I’ll give you a hug 😀

[Inspiration] Web Typography / Lovely Package


This is one of the most amazing site and valuable ones I had visited since a long time. Thanks to carstenbn.eu for this tips. Lots of typography optimisation for the web. Really quality article.


Another site which is pretty beautiful in both form and function, you’ll get pretty lot inspiration on packaging design, good quality ones.