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[Thoughts] Signs of aging?

There is this interesting discussion about if we should use the word “Digital” in marketing whenever we talk between our peers or clients. There has been a divide that we should/shouldn’t talk about it but there isn’t any solid convincing reason to tell the whole group that we shouldn’t even mention about it.

It will embarrassingly  shows that you have aged. Why?

The newer generations (post-Gen Y) came to know the “Digital” camera we use today as just…Camera. Precisely, they have never go through the era where “Analog” gadgets once thrived, such as the cassettes and Film cameras (Though there is still a sizable community in Lomography). So next time, it will look pretty bad on you if you start yanking Digital this Digital that and then still say you’re way about the curve among the rest.

[Rant] Are we screwed by technology?

Or is it…? I heard a lot of complaint from my surroundings where people are so obsessed in the mobile-centric time. Some people call it the “Mobile-Panic-Syndrome”, where one have to pretend there is a new mail or message arrives into their inbox and keeps checking his/her phone every 3 seconds (even if there isn’t any). Even when a group of friend are sitting at a table for a drink, even if they are not talking verbally, I observed they are actually communicating…via their mobile devices…on the internet (checking in, tweeting, liking).

Some say it is the end of the world when people care less about each other because they communicate lesser verbally…But is that a bad thing? And what would than mean to us? Culturally…in the next 10 or 20 years?

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[Tips] Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

Like most of you that adore the marriage of technology, design and pop culture. I’m delighted that I had just completed my reading on this book by Walter Isaacson on Steve Jobs. It is a great journey and at the same time, mellow and thoughtful one.

Instead of writing a review on what I thought about the book, I figured that most of us had a smartphone right beside us while reading and start searching for “companion” video that relates to each of the event that is mentioned inside each chapter. I was one of them. I was surprised how common I was with other readers. We also pondered why there were no iPad version of the book, an interactive version that has various videos that compliment the writings. The future of book and education should be started from here.

Below is a list of videos, ordered by chapters, that I find useful if you are wondering how each event would look like during “the old times”. It’s a pretty long list, and I also believed that reading should also be a tightly integrated interactive experience, where in the future, videos, images and text come in one.

Here’s to the crazy ones…

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[Thoughts] Reflections on 2011

It is the last day of 2011, there are many agenda that happened during the last 365 days that I had no idea where to start, where natural disasters, to iconic figures leaving us. I agree it has been a massive roller-coaster ride.

Created a startup, that did not make it:

It is really sad to see my first venture into start-up did not go as planned. In fact, there is more things that I underestimated, things that go beyond my control, from administration and people-issue. Reflecting myself back on this, it is almost 2 year since I started it and I have no regret, will look forward to next year, and possible a comeback.

Completed first commercial iPhone / Android App and Blackberry Playbook App
I am really glad to be given chance to venture into the app world which exploded in the past few years and brought most of the Flash developers down to their knee. Many, including me had lost direction on our career future when there is massive uncertainty over Flash’s future posed by the company. But all is not lost, as I have seen this kind of drama happening all over again, and being in this line of business, it is either you pick yourself up or to be left in the dust.

Bought my first house (!) and my first car is one year old

Portfolio is updated after 5 years
Long overdue, I’m finally glad to have completed the rehaul of my portfolio website showcasing works for more than half a decade since my graduation in 2005. Perhaps the stance are really different compared to what I used to think of portfolio website should be. It is now more information centric and working towards a much more semantic site that is search engine friendly. It appears making a good website is entirely different with a good-looking website.

Completed my first 10km run!

I have to say, I am really f***ing proud of myself and have never thought I can do it. Last October 5th, 2011. Completed my first ever 10KM run within 1:21 and I really can’t believe what I had went through. Finally knew it is really not about the prizes but more about mental and physical determination. My whole body ached like crazy for a week after the run but it is all worth it.

It is indeed a crazy year, and I’m glad it is finally coming to an end. There is not much of a bell and whistles for me, but I’m looking forward towards the coming new year. It had never occurred to me, but passing the 25-years-old barrier kept me thinking a lot of about myself. May you have a blessed year ahead.