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[Travel] The hidden Laksa gem in Kuala Sepetang, Taiping, Perak

If you have recently travelled to Taiping or Maxwell Hill in Perak, you might wonder where you could take a trip down the hidden path of the locals for some good food? Here I would like to share with you the little sleepy town less known to the outside world except those found out from word of mouth. Take a trip down to Kuala Sepetang which is about 15 minutes drive away from the town of Taiping.

Map to Kuala Sepetang, Perak

Map to Kuala Sepetang, Perak

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[Rant] Echoing the thoughts of a giant’s decline

In response to: Is the iPad Mini the Beginning of Apple’s Decline?, I think there are things that I should give prop to Apple for the new device such as:

  • New improved screen (not the extra height)
  • It’s light in weight
  • The new processor is really a great welcome addition

After using the new iPhone 5 for a considerable amount of time, the phone is better off without:

  • The new resolution 1136×640
  • Siri
  • The “new” Maps

and a lot of other new feature that could be passed.

The new resolution
As an app developer, it makes me really wonder the pain to jump into the wagon of a “new resolution” for the app that I’m creating, and also be guilty of the screen size fragmentation. Would the app behave better with the additional screen resolution? Not really, as I noticed a lot of “most used” app has yet to bother update their app to fit on the new screen resolution, which makes 70% of my time, makes the new screen resolution redundant.

With all the hype surrounding the feature, it is still far from being a practical daily usable tool for the consumers. An extreme scenario: You’re running away for your life from a life-threatening situation and taking up your trusty iPhone and launch up Siri, you’re breathing heavily while trying to think of a “keyword” to find the item/location with the help of Siri, and it doesn’t work most of time due to the incorrect voice interpretation. And you would do better by typing on the search bar and asking uncle Google.

Now, if you ask me, it is still make perfect sense to launch the new iPhone without:

  • the new Maps
  • Siri
  • the 1136×640
And it still knocks perfect sense into people to buy the phone (with just an improved processor and build). Because “it just works…until Apple introduce a phone-breaking feature that frustrates people to doom.”

Disclaimer: The thoughts above are solely my personal opinion and doesn’t represent any third party that I’m associated with.

[Thoughts] Signs of aging?

There is this interesting discussion about if we should use the word “Digital” in marketing whenever we talk between our peers or clients. There has been a divide that we should/shouldn’t talk about it but there isn’t any solid convincing reason to tell the whole group that we shouldn’t even mention about it.

It will embarrassingly  shows that you have aged. Why?

The newer generations (post-Gen Y) came to know the “Digital” camera we use today as just…Camera. Precisely, they have never go through the era where “Analog” gadgets once thrived, such as the cassettes and Film cameras (Though there is still a sizable community in Lomography). So next time, it will look pretty bad on you if you start yanking Digital this Digital that and then still say you’re way about the curve among the rest.

[Work] CV Refresh 2012

Download PDF version | Download Word version

It has been a long overdue refresh and glad I did spend some time over the weekend to relook at my CV again. There’s so little yet so much since I have graduated, about 7 years ago. Up to a point I start to wonder if I really did enough to justify the time I spent on this career? The landscape has changed dramatically in terms of the demand for digital design over the last 5 years and has always been an uphill battle. If you have been working close to 5 years, what is your thought?

[Inspiration] Responsive sites

There has always been a hard decision to make in between choosing Adaptive Web Design vs. Responsive Web Design. The latter would require much extensive planning and normally isn’t a smooth sailing experience where file size is concerned. It was few weeks ago I stumbled across a discussion on HN where the design decisions are questioned, especially with a “Feedback” tab lying on the homepage of a gigantic corporation wouldn’t look too…appropriate.

I never thought I would see a day where a big corporation to adapt to web standards as above. The novelty is all good until you see it is only applied on the homepage, not the rest of the entire network. I understand it would take a lot of time and effort, but it is definitely a step in the correct direction when next time one asks, “Which big corporation has responsive web design?” “Microsoft, Of course!”

It is interesting to see a microsite always adapts to the standard as well. Certainly not the best design on the web but it gets the job done. On a sidenote, it appears major carmakers in the United States are adapting their site for mobile users pretty rapidly.

The landscapes for the web has always been changing, how are you adapting to it? Did it disrupt your online business as a web designer/developer? Or are you hurt by the fact that you only need to charge for one project where the client demands a website that responds to different device? How do you cope with it?