[Tips] Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

Like most of you that adore the marriage of technology, design and pop culture. I’m delighted that I had just completed my reading on this book by Walter Isaacson on Steve Jobs. It is a great journey and at the same time, mellow and thoughtful one.

Instead of writing a review on what I thought about the book, I figured that most of us had a smartphone right beside us while reading and start searching for “companion” video that relates to each of the event that is mentioned inside each chapter. I was one of them. I was surprised how common I was with other readers. We also pondered why there were no iPad version of the book, an interactive version that has various videos that compliment the writings. The future of book and education should be started from here.

Below is a list of videos, ordered by chapters, that I find useful if you are wondering how each event would look like during “the old times”. It’s a pretty long list, and I also believed that reading should also be a tightly integrated interactive experience, where in the future, videos, images and text come in one.

Here’s to the crazy ones…

Chapter 1 – Childhood: Abandoned and Chosen

Chapter 2 – Odd Couple: The Two Steves

Chapter 3 – The Dropout: Turn On, Tune In…

  • N/A

Chapter 4 – Atari and India: Zen and the Art of Game Design

Chapter 5 – The Apple I: Turn On, Boot Up, Jack In…

Chapter 6 – The Apple II: Dawn of a New Age

  • Mike Markkula
  • Mike Markkula: $250,000

  • The Employee Badge Number (Clips from Pirates of the Silicon Valley)

  • The Apple II Launch

  • Apple II Commercial

  • 1982 – 1985

Chapter 7 – Chrisann and Lisa: He Who Is Abandoned…

  • N/A

Chapter 8 – Xerox and Lisa: Graphical User Interfaces

  • The Apple III

  • Apple Lisa Commercial

  • Apple Lisa Computer Commercial

  • Xerox Parc

  • Steve Jobs visits Xerox PARC

  • Andy Kay’s Dynabook

Chapter 9 – Going Public: A Man of Wealth and Fame

  • N/A

Chapter 10 – The Mac Is Born: You Say You Want a Revolution

  • N/A

Chapter 11 – Th Reality Distortion Field: Playing by His Own Self of Rules

  • N/A

Chapter 12 – The Design: Real Artists Simplify

Chapter 13 – Building the Mac: The Journey Is the Reward

  • N/A

Chapter 14 – Enter Sculley: The Pepsi Challenge

  • N/A

Chapter 15 – The Launch: A Dent in the Universe

  • The Dating Game: Hosted by Steve Jobs

  • 1984

  • The launch of the original Macintosh

  • Documentary on The First Macintosh

  • The new Macintosh presented by Bill Gates

Chapter 16 – Gates and Jobs: When Orbits Intersect

  • N/A

Chapter 17 – What Goes Up…

  • Steve Jobs in 1985: The downfall

  • Steve Jobs in Sweden, 1985

Chapter 18 – NeXT: Prometheus Unbound

Chapter 19 – Pixar: Technology Meets Art

Chapter 20 – A Regular Guy: Love Is Just a Four-Letter Word

  • N/A

Chapter 21 – Family Man: At Home with the Jobs Clan

  • N/A

Chapter 22 – Toy Story: Buzz and Woody to the Rescue

  • Toy Story

Chapter 23 – What Rough Beast, its Hour Come Round at Last…

  • N/A

Chapter 24 – The Restoration: The Loser Now Will Be Later to Win

  • Steve Jobs 1996 interview prior returning to Apple

  • Macworld Boston 1997: The Return

  • Gil Amerio with Steve Jobs

  • Microsoft and Apple 1997 Deal

  • Macworld 1997: The full keynote

Chapter 25 – Think Different: Jobs as iCEO

  • Think Different Commercial

  • Think Different Commercial (Narrated by Steve Jobs)

Chapter 26 – Design Principles: The Studio of Jobs and Ive

  • N/A

Chapter 27 – The iMac: Hello (Again)

  • iMac introduction, 1998

  • Say Hello Commercial

  • Say Hello Commercial 2

Chapter 28 – CEO: Still Crazy after All These Years

  • N/A

Chapter 29 – Apple Stores: Genius Bars and Siena Sandstone

  • Steve Jobs introducing the Apple Store

Chapter 30 – The Digital Hub: From iTunes to the iPod

  • The Digital Hub Strategy, 2001

  • Introduction of iTunes, 2001

  • iTunes / iMac Commercial 2001

  • Introduction of iPod, 2001

Chapter 31 – The iTunes Store: I’m the Pied Piper

  • iTunes Store introduction, 2003

  • iPod Mini introduction, 2004

  • iPod Shuffle introduction, 2005

Chapter 32 – Music Man: The Sound Track of His Life

  • GarageBand introduction, 2005

  • Bob Dylan iPod + iTunes Ad

  • iPod U2 Vertigo Ad

  • iPod + iTunes (U2 – Vertigo)

  • Apple iPod U2 Special Edition

  • Yo-Yo Ma

Chapter 33 – Pixar’s Friends: …and Foes

  • A Bug’s Life

  • Antz Trailer

  • Prince of Egypt Trailer

  • Toy Story 2 Trailer

  • Monster Inc Trailer

  • Finding Nemo Trailer

Chapter 34 – Twenty-first-century Macs: Setting Apple Apart

  • Power Mac G4 Cube, 2000

  • Apple and Intel, together at last

Chapter 35 – Round One: Memento Mori

  • Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

  • George Marshall’s at Harvard plan to rebuild Europe, 1947

  • All Things Digital 2007 – Interview

Chapter 36 – The iPhone: Three Revolutionary Products in One

  • Introducing iTunes Phone: Motorola ROKR

  • Introducing: iPhone, 2007

Chapter 37 – Round Two: The Cancer Recurs

  • Introducing: iPhone 3G

Chapter 38 – The iPad: Into the Post-PC Era

  • Patent D504889

  • Introducing: iPad

  • First iPad Commercial

  • iPad is… Commercial

  • The App Store

Chapter 39 – New Battles: And Echoes of Old Ones

  • The Lost iPhone 4: Gizmodo

  • Apple press conference on Antennagate

  • iPhone 4 Antenna explained

Chapter 40 – To Infinity: The Cloud, the Spaceship, and Beyond

  • Introducing iPad 2

  • Introducing: iCloud

  • Steve Jobs presents to the Cupertino City Council on the new Apple campus

Chapter 41 – Round Three: The Twilight Struggle

  • N/A

Chapter 42 – Legacy: The Brightest Heaven of Invention

  • N/A

Written on my MacBook Pro 15”. Last updated: 12th February 2012.