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Welcome and I’m glad that I finally had some time to put most of my precious moments at Broga Hill on this post. It’s been almost a week since the event took place. I’d still have a bunch of picture on the journey yet to be edited, which talks about the entire journey in the morning at 5 A.M. to the place itself.

While I’ll be coming back to this post on more pics, I’ll have some posted that is off my memory and what I can remember to better equip yourself before going there. Personally, I felt the best route and most memorable way to go there is through the SILK (SKVE) Highway through the LDP highway.


I’d hope the map would be sufficient and clear enough to get you there without much trouble, since there’s actually only 3 toll to go through, the LDP’s 2 R.M. 1.60 and another SILK (SKVE) toll. I own no rights to the pictures inside the map, so if you feel it’s helpful, share it with your friend 🙂 Few of the pointers below to avoid running into the wrong way :

  • If you are going by KESAS, or Sunway Pyramid, you will eventually bump into IOI Mall, Puchong
  • And after few minutes, naturally TESCO on your right side
  • and Giant Hypermarket (not really obvious) on your left side
  • Go straight and use the route towards Putrajaya, it should be pretty obvious, the only way you will realize you went the wrong way is when you are heading towards (a) HICOM Shah Alam (b) KLIA
  • As you pay the R.M. 1.60 again, not long after that, there should be an exit towards Serdang, look out for signs that points to Kajang/Semenyih/Serdang (Exit 26/E26)
  • At this point onward, go forward without exiting to any exit at all, of course, unless you need a leak.
  • You will reach one toll along the way to pay RM1 (Tol Sungai Ramal). Go straight again after paying the toll.
  • After a while you will reach another toll to pay RM1 again. (Tol Bukit Kajang). Keep to your LEFT after paying the toll.
  • Go slowly on the left lane until you see an exit to Jalan Semenyih (EXIT 1), it should be after you passed the RM1 Bukit Kajang toll.
  • Turn right on the traffic light and head towards Semenyih Town.
  • If there is something that you need to take note on, you will be heading towards the Semenyih town, which is you are on the wrong direction, you will most likely to end up in Kajang.
  • Once you are in the Semenyih town (very small town), just go ahead until you will actually make a left turn into (a) Taman Tasik Semenyih (b) University of Nottingham Malaysia (c) Kampung Broga
  • There should be a “Simpang ke Broga 500m” signboard on your left as you approaching a traffic light to turn.
  • Take note that there should be a petrol station (PETRONAS) at the right side of you when you are about to make the turn, and the petrol station should be behind (right side) you.
  • Go straight and you will reach to a point that there is a RABBIT FARM on the right side of the road. Stop there.
  • Congratulations! You’ve reached. What you need to do, is to walk towards inside the path along the palm oil estate.

What you’ll need?

  • Your camera
  • A towel
  • Extra shirt, you can put this on your car and change it when you are about to go back
  • Water, one bottle of 1.5Litre should be sufficient
  • Try not to eat too much in the morning before going up the mountain
  • Torchlight (you’ll really need it)
  • Shoe that will not easily let you slip through the slopes
  • Enjoy the trip!

The infamous Rabbit Farm

The farm at day.

The farm at morning/midnight.

As you notice, the entrance to Broga Hill is right opposite of the farm.

The reason why a good torchlight is needed, is because the road are pitch black during this time around.

A more recently erected signboard (it was not here during my first trip to Broga).

The signboard in the morning.

The woods in the morning.

To get to the top, walk along the path found on the entrance uphill.

And eventually you will reach towards the end of the palm tree estate. Note the black arrow (It’s really hard to spot that if you’re at the place during 3AM).

Keep to your left after the palm estate and you shall see the signboard pointing the arrow of the direction.

And this is how it looks about 8 – 9 AM in the morning, filled with cars.

But there’s definitely a catch for parking inside. You need to pay a premium fee for it.

Well, that’s pretty a lot of points above, but I will definitely come back with more descriptive picture on some of the pointers. Enjoy the pictures below!

Arriving at the peak does really give one (you) a different type of satisfaction than sitting down in front of the computer deciphering codes and programs. It gave me a totally different perspective on what we value in life. Perhaps I finally understand my friends that took up the challenge at Mount K.K. I’m definitely looking forward at that.

This is how it’s supposed to look like at the “peak” of the hill itself, which the entire journey up doesn’t really fascinate you with anything except you have to be vary of your surrounding and not to slip and fall down. If you have good stamina and frequently work out, this place wouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes to reach the top, on an average, it would be from 1 hour to 2 hour. Coming down the hill is definitely easier though as I can stress again, to be careful and not to slip.

It’s even amazing that there is this many people are actually up there. And some were already at the top since 5 A.M. in the morning. It does sounds reasonably crazy, but being there early in the morning might enable to capture some cool moments that you wouldn’t see usually.

As you walk around you will notice you are actually surrounded by this massive grasses lying all around the hill. Some did say that there’s only approximately 25% of such landscape left around this area.

On the other hand, it’s also surprising that theres a small amount of parents actually training their children, even as young as 8 years old (or even younger!) to go up the hill.

The wind is strong and cold right at that moment. Definitely different feeling you get from visiting Genting Highlands.



It would come out as a surprise to see a lot of students group pay their visit to this place since there is one University of Nottingham, Malaysia situated not far away from this place.



It would appear to me the locals would pay a visit here every weekend frequently.

Over the past 2 year of fame that this place enjoyed, the amount of people on top of the hill has increased tremendously, to a point it’s even more dangerous to go up and descend down safely. It appears that there is hefty amount of people on every peak of Broga hill (pictured above).

Cameras and Bazookas


While it even seems like Digital SLR is almost a norm on this place, but it appears that most photography enthusiast definitely would like pay a visit to this place. Heck, I’ve even spotted several Lowepro Fastrack 250 owners!

The textures

It appeared to me as something really since this kind of texture for the rock actually are identical to what we usually see on the highway’s road, the tar?


If you’d walk around, you can actually see across several small suburb towns and cities.





And I’m definitely interested know how would the night scene look like.

The hill is actually quite big in terms of the size, probably around the size of Sunway Pyramid ? or bigger? like Mid Valley?

And there is actually an open-path towards the other opposite hill. But from what the locals said, that there is actually 2 different path that leads towards the top of the hill.



It seems there’s a big green spot right in the middle of the field, or could it be that it’s unexplored, or untouched?


The road’s pretty narrow as we tried to go across the hill.

The faunas

I would be expecting big huge flower to exist on such area, but it appeared to me the flowers grown here are mostly very subtle and mild.


I’m wondering how does it looks like when it blooms.

This is when it’s past its prime time. Looks like Coco-crunch to me.

Solid landscape


Though most of the landscape here are pretty scenic, but I’m wondering if there’s anyone actually takes wedding picture top here?



It feels like that this might be a good location, looks somewhat foreign to me.

Scenic night

The view from below, as you about to reach the first peak.

Things to eat

There is tons of Durian for sale here usually. But apart from that, there’s nothing much that is edible nearby the hill unless you drive all the way into the village of Broga (Kampung Broga) passing through the Broga Hill entrance.

And in case you are wondering why there is a strong durian odour around the base of the hill, you will notice that it is actually a bunch of durian trees around.

Apparently doing business in front of the entrance is like a good idea. Selling bottled water. And there’s more than 1 vendor doing this.

It might certainly looked really tempting to try the fresh coconut juice when you are going back. But I can assure that the price are ridiculously inflated 🙂

Looking to go as a group?

Found this hang at the entrance of the palm tree estate.

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  1. manmeng Post author

    Hi Aroule,

    Hope you did enjoy the trip and yes having a better camera would really pay off all the hard work in climbing up. Do let me know when your pictures are posted 😀

  2. manmeng Post author

    Hi there Jen,

    Yes it would be really helpful with a tripod as the wind can get pretty heavy during the sunrise up there. The more sturdy one will prove to be rewarding as you get to the top, though you might need to consider how much weight you can carry due to the track up hill is pretty challenging.


  3. Jen

    Hi Mervin

    Thanks for the heads up.
    darn! And i was thinking of leaving the tripod home. Is the track really that challenging cos i read in the blogs that it is a relatively easy climb that you can achieve in half an hour.

  4. manmeng Post author

    Regards there Jen,

    Erm, it really boils down to the individual’s physique and stamina to be exact. It would definitely be easy for an athletic person but it definitely would help if you have a strong stamina. My best advice is to take it at your own pace, you’ll reach to the top eventually. It took me longer than half an hour to reach the top, had to stop at some point to catch my breathe. Nevertheless, you have to be extremely cautious when you are climbing the hill during midnight where visibility is poor (explains why a good bright torchlight that covers a large area helps).

    And most importantly, enjoy the trip and share the pics 😀

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  6. zar

    Dear Man Meng.. TQ for the sharing..definitely wanted to go there…feel like going there at once..

    will we have problem to find the way up at early morning..

  7. manmeng Post author

    Regards there zar,

    You’re most welcomed and glad you find this article useful.
    Actually it’ll be really helpful to have a very bright torchlight in climbing at the morning where it’s pitch black. Wear sport shoes that can prevent you some slipping/falling down on area with a lot of sands will be useful as well. Most importantly, one step at a time and be cautious.

    Enjoy the trip!

  8. Abby Lee

    Thanks alot for your directions. Clear, simple and perfect directions given. Even GPS wasnt as good as yours. =D Thanks alot.

  9. Jacky

    Hi Meng, is it alrite to go there in the evening? If it is, then what the best time to go up there and it is safe to go there alone?


  10. manmeng Post author

    Hi there Jacky,

    It should be ok to visit the place at any time of the day, however most of the people chose to see sunrise (4AM – 5AM) from here.
    Though there should be no problem in going up alone, but you have to be extra cautious on those slopes at night, a super bright flashlight is a must.
    But I would still recommend you to go there with at least one friend if you have not been there before.


  11. Candice

    Thanks for sharing your view.. i didn’t know this place at all.. It’s lovely with the beautiful scenic pictures and your remarks on the place…
    Definitely will make a trip there..
    Keep up the good job on photography!

  12. Syree

    M planing to go Borga Hills wif my frns ( 3 of us).. but m totaly blank about the direction .. hope your blog will help me….


  13. farmgirl

    beautiful breathtaking picture. will certainly climb up after stamina being build.. kudos to all ur pix. nice

  14. manmeng Post author

    Syree, you should be ok as the guide are pretty much explainatory, if you are worried, you can always train your stamina before going up 🙂
    Thanks farmgirl for the sweet compliment, hope you enjoy the trip uphill.

  15. sriniwasrao

    Hi there, thanks for sharing such a good information on Broga Hill. Just want ask, is it safe to go there by bike in the early morning? What do you think?

  16. manmeng Post author

    Regards there,

    You can rest assure it is safe to go there by motorcycle in the morning, however since most of the road there is pitch black (little road visibility), be sure you have your headlights checked, and of course, ride safely.


  17. jieha

    hey..good info n nice pic…

    btw do we need a guide to climb up or we can go by ourself…..??

    and do u knw how to go to Tekala Waterfall frm Broga Hill??

  18. manmeng Post author

    Regards there jieha,

    Yes, you can go there with your friends, although it is advisable to go in groups rather than alone.
    As for the waterfall, you can find the exact location at : Google Maps and the info here.

    I have not been to the waterfall, perhaps will do a write-up on the directions and photographs once i’ve been there 🙂
    Meanwhile, have a great time at broga hill.


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  20. Jeremy

    Hi, I am from Singapore and is interested in going to Broga Hill. Is there any public transport that I can take there?? Thanks

  21. manmeng Post author

    Hi there,

    Since Batang Berjuntai is located at Kuala Selangor, you will need to head to PJ first and use the map from Sunway Pyramid.


  22. JJ

    great write up and pics man! will be planning to head up broga this sunday using your above map (thanks for the effort)… just wondering do we need hiking shoes and gear or just jogging shoes and attire is good enough? also, is it safe there at 4am in the morning?I mean from being robbed or is it safe with many ppl around there? thanks man!

  23. manmeng Post author

    Regards there JJ,

    Thanks for the compliment, glad you found it useful. Yes, it would be best to have none slippery shoe, normal sport shoe is ok, but preferable with spikes. Yes, it is safe as long you have all the basic preparation such as flashlight (VERY IMPORTANT), and walk slowly, as it’s pitch black at that time. Have not heard any incident as such (touch wood) but you can rest assure to travel there as long you don’t flaunt your valuables like nobody’s business.

    One note, due to the recent years where the amount of people hiking broga increased, you have to be extra careful when going up/down (especially coming back down). In any case, enjoy the trip and have fun!


  24. wild junction

    hope u enjoy hiking. and may this post can help others if they want to xplore other places around malaysia, especially in doing hiking activities.

    please visit our website or google for WILD JUNCTION. thank you.

  25. Maria

    Thank you for your sharing. Beautiful pictures and helpful information. I’m confirmed going to plan a trip for my friends. 🙂

  26. NLucy Sulaiman

    Hi there ManMeng,
    I’ve heard about Broga Hill and didn’t know how to get there. I googled and it brought me here. Wow I’m impressed and definitely taking my guests from abroad to this hill. Thanks a lot for your perfect directions given, clear and simple. Even Waze isn’t as good as yours.

    NLucy Sulaiman

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